Welcome to Primary 4 

World Around Us- Where we live - Portadown

We have been looking at different industries in our area. We made a timeline of the history of Irwin's Bakery. We organised ourselves into chronological order. Didn't we do a great job?

Our class really enjoyed learning about Irwin's so we decided to sample their famous bread during our numeracy lesson! We were learning all about Fractions and how they have to be equal parts of a whole. Fractions are DELICIOUS!

Numeracy Games

In Primary Four we like to practice our numeracy skills by playing numeracy games. We enjoy working together and have lots of fun testing each other on our maths facts. Look at our great learning in numeracy so far!


Where we live

 In September our new topic is 'Where we live'.  We have been looking at the layout, position and landmarks in Portadown by using maps, photographs and books. We will be finding out all about the history of Portadown. During Geography, we really enjoyed looking at maps of Portadown and comparing the 1908 map to the more recent 2003 map. We have been looking at landmarks in Portadown and we began sketching some of these in our Art lessons. Have a look at our learning below-


Primary 4 Class Charter

We are a Rights Respecting School. This means that we learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). In P4 we talked about our rights and responsibilities and worked together to build this Charter.