Welcome to Primary 4

Abstract Art

We have been continuing our exploration of abstract art. We found out about Jackson Pollock and his dripping technique of painting, then we created our own 'drip' paintings using string, straws and spoons. After that we turned our paintings into guitars, including strings.

This topic has given us the opportunity to express ourselves in a variety of ways. We listened to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and recorded our reactions to the music in the form of marks on a page. Then we revisited our black and white marks and added colours and shapes to represent our feelings and emotions.

Kandinsky Inspired Circles

We have enjoyed learning about Wassily Kandinsky, one of the first abstract artists. We looked at some of his work and were surprised by the many different things we could see in one painting. Kandinsky used a variety of colours and shapes to represent emotions and feelings.

In our class we experimented with the primary colours to make a huge variety of colours. We then focused on one of Kandinsky's most famous paintings "Circles" and created our own abstract paintings. How many colours can you see? How do they make you feel? 

Harvest Assembly and New Friends

We had a busy day today. Both Primary Four classes presented a harvest assembly to celebrate and say thank you for all the wonderful things that we have. Our P4 friends from St. Teresa's in Lurgan came to watch the performance and then we participated in art activities, sports and a discussions to help us create a shared charter. It was a very exciting day.

Where We Live

We are learning about our local area. We enjoyed comparing maps of Portadown from 1908 and 2010 to see how the town has changed over time. We then created our own maps of Portadown including buildings that are important to us and a key to help identify them.

Playing With Time